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A few months back, I offered to do a free baby shower set up for a dear friend of mine and posted the pictures a few days later and before I knew it, event styling and decor became part of Sally’s Kitchen and as you can probably tell by now, I really do enjoy doing these set ups and I am always looking forward to the next. The joy I get from seeing my clients/guests happy and excited when they walk into the room and the satisfaction from seeing my ideas come together beautifully is what keeps me going.

I finally get to share a recap of a Baby Shower I styled a couple of weeks ago for a lovely Nigerian Mom-To-Be, Tosin. You should have seen my face when her friend and coordinator, Jade called after seeing photos of another Baby Shower Set Up I had done. I was so excited and a few hours later I had already created an inspiration board on my phone (Trust me, it helps).


I cannot even begin to describe just how breathtakingly beautiful Entim Sidai is – talk of hidden gems. Entim Sidai is a spa and wellness sanctuary in Karen, Nairobi and the name actually means “Beautiful Forest” in Maasai language. You can check them out HERE.


I had been itching to do a twinkle little star theme so when Jade mentioned that she wanted one, I was more than glad to take it up. As for the theme colour, they settled on Pink since she was expecting a baby girl and well, pink and baby girls is a match made in colour heaven.


The girls wanted a Pinacolada Black Forest and I also baked some orange flavored cupcakes since we all know that a Sally’s Kitchen set up is never without themed cupcakes.


Entim Sidai and Dari Restaurant happen to be sister companies so the ladies were able to order the meals and have them delivered to the venue. As for drinks, I had bought some fresh juices and wine.

They say the devil is in the details and I live by that mantra when it comes event styling. The print outs, the banners, the fresh flowers, the personalized wine bottle (I enjoy designing those way too much), the Cake – everything came together so beautifully. I cannot thank God enough – for everything – he makes it all possible.

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