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Moca Loca Coffee & Lounge is a casual dining restaurant with two outlets, one in Nakuru and another at the Garden City Mall (Thika Road). I have visited the place twice – all thanks to DisCoucher 2017 so this review is based on both visits. 


I had been planning to check out Moca Loca Coffee House for a while due to its convenient location….Garden City Mall on Thika Road plus I had read some reviews about them on Eat Out Kenya….some amazing, some not too good…But I have learnt not to judge places and people based on other people’s views and opinions but on my own experiences. And turns out, it isn’t a bad place after all!


Moca Loca Garden City is such a beautiful restaurant and with such an amazing ambiance. I loved that it has an indoor-outdoor feel since they have an indoor sitting area and a food court just outside the restaurant. The indoors are simply beautiful…The decor done to a T and the display of their products is done pretty well. Also loved the murals on their walls – gives it a personal touch.


My first visit there was on a weekday so it was pretty quiet and chilled out. My friend and I redeemed our DisCoucher “Buy One Main Course, Get One Free” coupons meaning that we would pay for just one meal. I ordered the Honey Glazed Lamb Chops with Chips while my friend chose to have Roast Potatoes with Fried Gizzards. The meal was okay…Just okay….Can’t say I was super excited about the food during the 1st visit but I believe in 2nd chances….and trust me, they did not disappoint us the second time which was this past weekend!

So as I mentioned earlier on, I believe in 2nd chances…everyone deserves it. I still had one more Moca Loca voucher to redeem but this time round it was on appetizers. We ordered for the Beef Skewers and my oh my…..the meat was well marinated and so soft……Yum!! I also had the Tree Tomato Juice (first time ever) and it was amazing…super delicious!


They have a Live Band (Weavers Band) on Sundays and the band was so freaking good….they had me at “Mungu Pekee by Nyashinski”….I love that song! That band is all shades of awesome – explains why the place is crowded on Sunday afternoons.


Overall, Moca Loca is a perfect Sunday hang out plot with friends and family…The good food and the Live Band will keep you entertained! And perfect for any other day too!

Thank you Moca Loca!  



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