In most cases, it is hard to strike a balance between nutrition and yumminess when it comes to dessert, but look no further….Parfaits are the answer! So deliciously perfect, creamy, filing, super healthy and budget friendly too!

In my pursuit for recipes, I’ve come across so many Yoghurt and Fruit Parfait Recipes but most of them call for Granola which is a sort of cereal consisting of oats, nuts, dried fruits, brown sugar among other things and it resembles Muesli! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Granola at the Supermarket so had to think of an alternative and that is how I ended up using Cornflakes! That is the beauty about cooking…you can always tweak up a few things here and there and still create something beautiful! ​I made these Parfaits for my Sister’s Birthday Breakfast a few days ago and they were a hit…we all loved them!

Such a perfect beginning to your day! You should totally try making these….and the best part about them is that you can play around with different cereals, yoghurt flavours, different fruits…the possibilities are simply endless! You do not have to go out shopping for recipe-specific ingredients….simply use what you’ve got! You can also save your precious time in the morning by making these ahead of time (overnight) and leaving them in the fridge until you are ready to have them!

Ps. You get to show off those new glasses you bought some weeks ago, right? Thank me later! Lol!

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In most cases, it is hard to strike a balance between nutrition and yumminess when it comes to dessert, but look no further....Parfaits are the answer! So deliciously perfect, creamy, filing, super healthy and budget friendly too!
Course Parfaits
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Course Parfaits
Prep Time 10 Minutes
  1. Layer the bottom of your glasses with some cornflakes or preferred cereals
  2. Then add a couple tablespoons of the yoghurt
  3. Next, add some sliced strawberries or your choice of fruits (Blueberries, Pineapple, Raspberries...etc)
  4. Repeat the Cereal, Yoghurt and Strawberries layering until your glass is almost full.
  5. Then garnish with some of the sliced strawberries!
  6. And Voila, you have your tall glass of awesomeness in less than 10 minutes!
Recipe Notes

You can also drizzle some honey or maple syrup to sweeten just a tad! But I loved mine without any additional sweeteners! The sweetness from the Vanilla Yoghurt and the strawberries was just perfect!

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