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Nanyuki is without a doubt, one of my favorite towns and it has been for so long. I first fell in love with it many years ago when my late Dad took us to Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club as a token for making him proud during our end of term examinations (Cool Dad, huh? He really was the best of them all).

Nanyuki is the capital of Laikipia County, lies right on the equator and is also the gateway to the magnificent Mt. Kenya and the Mt. Kenya National Park as well. Perfectly endowed, right? The town’s spectacular view of the snowy Mt. Kenya makes it a very ideal getaway location for both local and international tourists. As for distance from Nairobi, it takes about two to three hours dependant on factors such as traffic and stopovers along the way.

Fast forward to 2017, I had been planning to visit Nanyuki again (in my head) for so freaking long but something would always get in the way. However, the odds were finally in my favour at the end of the year as I got to plan a friend’s surprise birthday getaway and what better place to do it than Nanyuki, right?

The drive to Nanyuki was a scenic one and simply breathtaking and with just one stop-over at Bradegate Hotel in Kiganjo for a taste of their sumptuous chicken samosas – those samosas are really the!

We got to Nanyuki at around 12.15 p.m. and headed straight to our birthday lunch location – Soames Hotel and Jack’s Bar. Oh jeez – I had seen numerous photos of Soames, stalked them on two or three travel advisory sites and been on their website on several occasions so I kind of knew what to expect – But, it was still more spectacular in real life. {Ps. A detailed review of the Hotel is coming up in the next blog post – you will love it!}

Views of the magnificent Mt. Kenya from afar

Views from the outdoor terrace

Rustic themed furniture

The bar area. How lovely does that look?

Doesn’t that look homey?

The Bar area

The main house


Art Piece


After the birthday luncheon and some delicious cake of course, we headed out to the Acacia Furnished Apartments which would be our home for the night. I was introduced to by a travel junkie friend of mine and I have been hooked to them since then and that is how I got to know about the apartments. We had booked the three bed roomed pent house apartment and it was just as it looked in the pictures. The cleanliness, the beds were so comfortable, the reception from the staff was simply amazing and the icing on the cake was its perfect location – not too far away from town but in such a serene neighbourhood. I realised that it was way cheaper to pick an entire apartment to ourselves as compared to hotels – it was such a bargain!


Perfect spot to chill out

All the way is the best place to be πŸ˜‰

Everyone was a bit exhausted, full (blame it on the amazing lunch at Soames) and sleepy but it made no sense to come all the way to Nanyuki to sleep, right? We decided to try out the gorgeous Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club which is one of Nanyuki’s top rated hotels and to our amazement; it was less than 5 kms from the apartments. Oh well, all that can be said about the Hotel has been said before – too breathtakingly beautiful and with the most magnificent views of the snow capped Mt. Kenya and top that up with over 100 acres of meticulously landscaped gardens. I didn’t manage to capture any pictures (sleepy me left the camera at the apartment) but I’ll use some from their website to give you a glimpse of it.

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Pic courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

We went in for just a few drinks (typical Kenyan phrase) but ended up leaving almost at mid night but it was worth it – the laughter, the views, catching up – totally worth every single minute.

The Views!! Jeez! You simply cannot have enough of those!

Picture courtesy of

We woke up so hungry the following day but luckily for them, this foodie and travel junkie had already made reservations at Kongoni Camp for early breakfast or lunch depending on the time we would get there. Kongoni Camp is right on the road so it wasn’t much of a hustle getting there. I won’t say I was blown away by it but I definitely loved the rustic theme they had going on. Their food was quite okay and the portions were surprisingly generous – the hungry me was super elated by that. {Ps. A detailed review of the Camp is coming up soon}

Entrance to the camp!

The Bar

A Rustic-African Combo

Indoor seating area at the main restaurant

And it was all about Christmas when we visited! Santa looks good up there!

This trip reminded me of why I fell in love and still is in love with Nanyuki – it simply is an amazing town and with endless possibilities as to what you can eat, where to eat, where to go, the magnificent views and much much more. When editing the pictures, I realised that all the places we visited had one thing in common – magnificent views of the majestic Mt. Kenya! No wonder Nanyuki is a tourism hot cake. What do you love most about Nanyuki? Would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.

Thank you for taking time to read this! You are the reason I do this πŸ™‚

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Contact Person: Tim (Cell Phone No. 0729 762 930)
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