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Am I the only one who feels like the Christmas season gets less exciting as one gets older? No Christmas trees, no new clothes for Christmas, you prefer to stay indoors and no photos under the Christmas tree? Told you! 

In my case, we actually decided to stay home all day and bum! Trust me, it felt nice. Just lots of sleep and catching up on movies all day (I finally got to watch Quantico Sn 1…I know I know, I deserve to be stoned…Lol) and occasionally tune in to the TV to watch the Christmas themed movies.

Pic courtesy of Pinterest!

On this particular day, I had an early morning cake delivery in Thika town and as I was about to head back home, I decided to pop into Naivas Thika to pick a few things. Then I thought to myself, why not set up a simple Christmas lunch for my Mum and Sister? One that would require 0 cooking from me, low cost yet special at the same time

Set up preview!

And it was time for me to drink up this wine! Drink and Be Merry is the Xmas theme. Not too merry though!

I ended up buying some ready Pilau, Chicken Drumsticks, Ice Cream (For a quick milkshake), Red Grapes, Chocolate Chip Cookies and some Meringues. I spent about Ksh. 1500 in total and I remember smiling to myself and thinking that this would probably be the cheapest Christmas Lunch ever!! Yeap, you don’t have to break the bank for Christmas day lunch. 

That Pilau was the ish! Yum!

Sticky Bbq Chicken thighs!


Fresh Red Grapes!

Now these were the real deal..too amazing!

Banana Milkshake!

Juice!! Juice!! and More Juice!!

How gorgeous is this beverage dispenser?

Get the point now? I wanted to show you that you can always create something beautiful with minimal resources and especially in this economy of ours. I spent Ksh. 1500 and had one of the most amazing Christmas Day Lunch ever. Also, Naivas Thika Food Section is pretty dope – will most definitely be back for more!

Pilau and Chicken!

Pilau in all its glory!

What did you do for Christmas? Would love to hear about yours in the comments section below. 
As always, thank you for reading!! And remember…’s the thought that counts!

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