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Less than 2 kilometres from Nanyuki town off the Meru Road, you’ll find Kongoni Camp Restaurant and with it comes amazing views of the majestic Mt. Kenya. On our two day Nanyuki Getaway (Read about it HERE), I had a few places on my must visit list and lunch at Kongoni Camp was definitely on that list.

The Restaurant is situated in a log cabin style building and has a rustic theme going on. They also have quite a number of seating areas so you get to choose the one that suits you best – romantic dinner, laid back hangout with friends – Kongoni will definitely have a space that will suit your needs.

I really loved how extensive their menu was and especially for meat lovers like myself. The menu items ranged from steaks, pasta dishes, wood fired oven pizzas, sandwiches, salads and much more. They also have a fully stocked bar so no worries about missing out on your favourite cocktail.

And for the first time in a while, Pork Ribs weren’t on my mind (Spell has finally been broken) and I opted for Chicken Breast stuffed with blue cheese while the rest settled for Burgers, Pork Ribs, T-Bone Steak, Chicken wrapped in Bacon and Fish. And oh, their presentation was so on point.

In all honesty, I really liked my Blue cheese Chicken breast despite it being my first experience with blue cheese – the flavours blended so perfectly.

Sadly, my friends didn’t really like their food as much, the T-Bone was a bit flavorless according to one of my friends while the others felt their meals were just okay. But that is the crazy thing about food, one person’s experience can totally be different from yours so don’t let someone’s opinion deter you from visiting a restaurant….you might just end up having a totally different opinion.


As for the prices, I think they were reasonably priced considering that Nanyuki is a hot spot for tourists. The spends per person was roughly between Ksh. 1500 to Ksh. 2000.

Would I go back to Kongoni Camp Restaurant? Oh yes I would. I believe in second chances. And food is like that sometimes….great today and ish ish on a bad day but I know they are up to the task so will definitely check them out another day.

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