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Do you keep a bucket list of places you would love to check out? Well, Soames Hotel and Jack’s Bar had been on mine a tad too long and it was about time I did something about it. As I had stated in an earlier post about our weekend getaway in Nanyuki, I had settled on Soames as the perfect location for a surprise birthday lunch for a dear childhood friend of mine.

Soames was a love at first sight affair. The simplicity. It’s elegance. It’s ambiance. The magnificent views of the majestic Mount Kenya. The A Plus service. And the Food….Jeez….The Food. Everything about Soames is worth writing about. The Hotel is set on 100 acres of land and is actually named after Jack Soames who was an European settler back in the 1920s and had turned the farm into his home…lucky man, huh!


The Hotel is roughly 7 kilometres before Nanyuki Town and it is right on the road but you need to be quite observant to see their sign post. We drove right past it and spent over 15 minutes trying to locate it on google maps but finally found our way there with assistance from their receptionist.


I once read a saying ”Good design goes straight to heaven and bad design goes everywhere” and best believe me, this one is definitely going to heaven. Soames is really something special. As you walk towards the restaurant, you are greeted by a breathtakingly beautiful view of Mt. Kenya which explains why I fell in love instantly. The restaurant has a very modern and contemporary design but still has that homey feel which I really love. The furnishing is done so tastefully and you can tell that the design is well thought out….every little thing is right where it ought to be. As for seating space, they have an indoor living room area, an outdoor eating space and the famous Jack’s Bar right in the middle of it all.


I have come accept that good food really makes me happy – the deep down in my soul kind of happy and I had a feeling that Soames food was going to be the kind that makes me that happy!

If you are anything like me and have an unquenchable lust for Pork Ribs, then Soames is the place for you. Those baby back pork ribs glazed in honey are the best ribs I have ever had – and I mean it. Every single bite of those pork ribs was with no doubt perfection and best believe it got better with the next bite. Fyi, 4 out of 5 of us had the pork ribs….I have recruited quite a number of Pork addicts as you can see…Lol. Mel had decided to be the black sheep and ordered the Butter Chicken with Naan which she claimed to love but I could see her secretly drooling over our pork ribs – I can’t blame her though. Lol.

The food was simply spectacular to say the least – uber delicious. The serving portions were just right, reasonably priced at Ksh. 1500 and the service even better. The drinks were priced between Ksh. 500 – 1000.

As for the birthday cake, I had ordered a 1 kg Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd filing at Ksh. 3000 though it turned out to be a little too sweet for our liking but it served the purpose.

And to top it all up, it was lunch with a view – a majestic Mt. Kenya kind of view – does it really get better than that? Thought so!


If I had to choose just one word to describe our experience at Soames – it would simply be “Perfect”…I really can’t fault this place at all and most people who have been to Soames share the same sentiments as well. And the joy of sharing a meal with family and friends at such a lovely place is definitely one of those life’s greatest treasures.

I cannot wait to be back! It was worth the wait and the endless stalking I had indulged in on their website and social media platforms…Lol. Perfect definition of a GEM!

And Fyi, they also have accommodation that can take up to 24 guests in their gorgeous 12 garden rooms that also have a Mt. Kenya view. You can check them out HERE for any reservations.

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Have you been to Soames? What was your experience? Would love to hear about it in the comments section below as well as what are your favourite restaurants in Nanyuki.

Thank you for having us Soames.



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