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Still on the Kampala Restaurant Tour Series….

Ever loved a place so much that you would be willing to live there? Well, those were my exact thoughts when I walked into La Patisserie. The aroma of warm pastries and freshly brewed coffee was all so lovely. Plus, it is no secret that I am one of those human beings who will gladly skip main meals at a buffet and head straight for the desserts – with no shame or guilt whatsoever.

La Patisserie is a french pastry shop located the highly rated Le Petit Village Boutique Hotel on Ggaba Road, opposite the American Embassy (Kabalagala). Fyi, Le Chateau is on the same compound as well as a Wine Shop and Quality Cuts Butchery, talk about having everything under one roof. AMBIANCE

I really loved how so much thought went into the patisserie’s decor and ambiance. And don’t even get me started on that pastry display – a sweet tooth’s heaven. They also have an indoor seating space and a picturesque outdoor deck furnished so elegantly and with a lovely view of M-Maison which is a home decor and interior store with exquisite and luxurious furniture, as you sip and munch away.


They really have gone out of their way to ensure that one is lost for choice, so much to choose from and all so decadent and sumptuous looking. One of the main highlights when reading through reviews for this place is just how much people rave about their brewed to perfection coffee, freshly baked bread and cookies and sumptuous cakes. And true to that, the hype is legit. I had African Tea and a slice of their Black Forest Cake which was uber delicious – wish I had enough space in my tummy to taste four more but hey, I can only eat so much….lol.

I was also pleasantly surprised that their menu isn’t limited to just pastries and it has vast array of lunch and dinner options ranging from Chicken, Beef, Fish, Pork, Pasta, Salads and even Burgers.

As for service, top notch! I loved just how attentive and warm the staff were and also giving recommendations on what one should order just in case you hadn’t made up your mind.


Aaaah, I would say they are reasonably priced considering the ambiance and quality of their products. Most of their  menu items range from between Ugx. 15,000 (roughly about Ksh. 500) for desserts and soups to about Ugx. 43,000 (roughly about Ksh. 1,200) for the Prawns Pilipili. And oh, their Wi-Fi was pretty good and that means you can get some work done while sipping away on that hot cuppa tea or coffee.

Would I go back to this place? Most definitely.

So the next time you are in Kampala and are feeling adventurous and in need of pleasing your sweet tooth, then La Patisserie is the place to go. You’ll love it. And if you have been here already, what are your thoughts on it? Would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading. See you on the next post 😉



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